IMG_1286NehFI Vision Statement: To encourage, educate and support poor farmers; restore hope and purpose in place of discouragement and connect hope to the hurting one family at a time.

Nehemiah Foundation International provides assistance to poor farmers

Nehemiah Foundation International (NehFI) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to rebuilding hope for subsistence farmers in rural Filipino villages. Subsistence farming is the primary economic activity in regions of the Philippines. For centuries the Filipino people have used primitive farming techniques and have been victimized by absorbent financing and the unpredictable climate. It is NehFI’s goal to alleviate the long term poverty by agricultural education, providing access to affordable modern machinery and low interest loans.

Nehemiah Foundation International provides loans

NehFI’s mission is to raise the standard of living of Filipino farmers from subsistence level to stable and sustainable economic health. Predatory lenders prevent farmers from realizing their full profit and market prices on their crops. Before NehFI arrived in 2008, the only source of financing was from agricultural businesses and banks who would charge usurious interest rates of 30 to 40%. Often the majority of the farmers’ profit would be consumed by these unfair business practices. NehFI offers these farmers an alternative. Through donations, we have been able to offer loans to farmers at ten percent (10%) interest with grace causes for catastrophic Picture8events and without restrictions on their surplus disposition. The interest the farmer’s pay is reinvested into helping additional farmers with reasonable rate and term loans.  As farmers accumulate savings their loan amounts are decreased allowing the farmer to use more of his own capital, thereby, motivating the farmer to become financially independent.

Vision for the Future

NehFI recognizes the myriad opportunities that exist to serve these villages. NehFI hopes to secure the financing necessary to provide technology and equipment that will mitigate the effects of inclement weather and that will allow farmers to diversify to other agricultural profit centers. These include but are not limited to raising pigs and operating a feed mill. Additionally, NehFI recognizes that the children in these villages are the hope of the future, and accordingly, seeks to provide support for their education through operation surplus and targeted support efforts.

corn_picA few opportunities that NehFI has identified at present include:

  • ·        Bringing much needed medical attention to those who otherwise could not afford it.
  • ·        Reaching out to young people through Sports Evangelism and annual youth camps
  • ·        Drilling a well for clean drinking water and irrigation;
  • ·        Building a community center to give people a safe place to gather and promote unity.


NehFI desires to become self supporting. NehFI anticipates charging modest and affordable fees for providing financing and agricultural services to support its operation and growth and in doing so create job opportunities for village locals. Due to our limited resources, however, expanding to take advantage of these opportunities will take many years. Currently, NehFI is looking for sponsors or partners who would assist us in reaching out to the farmers living in the Philippines’ poorest regions.