games 7Basketball is the leading sport in the Philippines enjoyed by all as either players or spectators. In March of 2009 Will began to organize basketball teams comprised of young people from several nearby barangays. All in all eight teams were formed, each with twelve players. A tournament was organized with playoffs scheduled for October the same year.

    This is a tremendous ministry tool. An open air gathering is organized following the tournament and the Good News of our Lord is shared and lives are changed forever. It is not only the players that attend this gathering but all who joined to cheer the players. In that very first event around 70 people came forward to call Jesus their Savior.

Over the last three years hundreds of young people have joined together and many lives have been changed. Due to this ministry we have started holding youth camps. There have been many testimonies of  those whose lives were headed in the wrong direction beingbooth 2 changed and God is raising these young people to be strong leaders within their community.

December of 2012 started our third annual Sports Fest. In addition to basketball children played volleyball, bad-mitten, and chess. The young people formed several teams and gave them biblical names. The competition lasted the entire month ending with playoffs at Christmas. This event has ignited the whole barrio to join in the festivities. Each of these teams has a leader who meets with them weekly for prayer and bible study.

We are starting to reach out to nearby barangays in the hope of leading them to Christ. If you would like more information please contact Will Cabanilla. Players are not charged to participate and it costs about $ 350.00/team of twelve players. To make a contribution click here.