NehFI finds sponsors to help disadvantaged children stay in school. Without an education it is impossible to break the chain of poverty. Many of these children have suffered the loss of a parent which leads to added hardship resulting in the children having to quit school. NehFI sponsors children from grade one through college. Many of our sponsors have been able to go to the Philippines and visit the child they support, building a relationship that will last a lifetime. If you have ever desired to do something to make a difference that will last forever, this is an amazing opportunity. To help a child from 1st-6th grade is $ 30.00/month and to sponsor a child through high school is $ 40.00/month. To sponsor a college student us $65.00/month. To sponsor a child contact Will. Many sponsors have gone to the Philippines and spent time with the child they sponsor, getting to them and their family.

 If you would like to see the children who still need sponsors just click on the image below.


sponsor a child